Sunday, 23 May 2010

What a weekend the weather was perfect, full marks for all of you that decided to have a break the weekend before the bank holiday. You got it right, Ducketts have now finished the new windows and cladding. June and I sat thinking is there anywhere within the hotel that we have not yet decorated or refurbished,,Yes the Westmorland Suite even though we have ordered and paid for the new axminster carpet (we hope that it is still in the warehouse) and have had new double glazed windows with blackout blinds fitted it still needs completely remodelling. New tables and chairs etc, what a shock!!! my favourite and only Table and chair manufacturer Berrys of Chipping went into liquidation 2 months ago, all the stock was sold off on bidspotter. uk 160 years of manufacturing wiped out just like that. An old family firm with high values making an excellent product not cheap but would last a lifetime. Now we are left with cheap imports that are to be replaced every 2/3 years, There is one thing for sure these are not the antiques of tomorrow. Why do guest wonder off with TV remotes? these are no good to them but it is a large inconvenience to us as we do not have any replacements. The result of the Cumbria Tourist awards our hotel for sustainability was commended we did not win, maybe next year.. Bev and Daughter Gemma are already looking for new ideas..plenty of meetings going on.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

No Time to Stop

Weeks turn into Days, days turn into hours and hours turn into seconds, congratulations I am now term the older generation. We had a booking for a special birthday party one of the guest who I know well mentioned that he could see the cycle of life unfolding in front of him. I know exactly what he means. I sometimes wonder about diners that have not book tables in the restaurant and then have a moan about the time it takes to prepare food we are not BIG MAC or Dominoes Pizza all food is prepared and cooked in the kitchen with a few loyal staff. So if you know anyone with cooking skills that wants a job get them to give me ring. As we are all getting older and it seem slower to boot. Saturday night one of our diners said, "Quiet night tonight," not so was our reply. They were just one of 180 or so diners that we catered for on the night. Sunday Carvery was a breeze have you ever tried it? We serve in our Hayloft Restaurant on the 1st floor in the Old part of the Hotel, we do have a lift if required. We have been trying out a few lunch time specials which have been very popular, the 8oz Aberdeen Angus Burgers have now all gone, I might be able to find a few more. Ducketts are now well under way with the fitting of the new Windows and Cladding to the Superior Block. All I need now is a painter to give the job a final shine. I must take the dogs out for a walk see you all soon..

Monday, 10 May 2010

Tuesday Night Bash

Tonight June, Gemma and Beverley our housekeeper will be off to the awards ceremony at The Rheged Centre. Penrith..  You never know, we have made the finals of the Sustainable Hotel. (means we are GREEN.) Lake District Tourist Board have organised the event fingers crossed.. Also tomorrow sees the start of the new Windows and cladding for the Superior wing, volunteers are required for painting duties?  Gemma has just finished putting together the new Malt Whisky list I just love the tastings, hick!!!!!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Bank Holiday Blues

The weather great topic of conversation, we could really do with some sunshine to bring out the best in us. When the sun shines yes we do really become human beings again its amazing just what a difference a little sun can do.  June and I had a day out to, of all Places SOUTHPORT great places to eat, there we found a great little italian restaurant Casa Italia good food at reasonable prices try it sometime. This week saw the introduction of the new Jules Restaurant Menu it has gone down a storm and we can now cook all the new dishes without a hitch. I managed the first 2 nights Chris has had palputations ever since. 2nd stage of our new windows commenced last week Ducketts our local builders and joiners are starting soon on the New white cladding and double glazed windows in the superior rooms. The Standard rooms got theirs last year together with new furniture, wall mounted flat screen tv's new carpets, bathrooms etc, etc. Again this weekend has been a very busy one, thank you to all of our customers without you our lovely little hotel would not survive.. Minty the cat sends his regards.
See you soon..

This was us at Christmas more snow than I have ever
seen in my life fell just about everywhere!!!!!!