Sunday, 25 April 2010

Good for trade but completely knackered?!!!!!!!!

I feel older by the day, but I guess that how we all feel once you pass the 50 barrier. Staff represents the biggest problem that all businesses face firstly finding staff secondly finding the right staff. We have lost one or two of our staff recently this has stretched and tested some of my key members, some have raised their game to perform under these difficult times others have wined on about the situatation. It is just as hard if not harder for June and myself, we would have liked to slow down a bit but instead seem to be always on the receiving end. Holidays with over 24 full time staff and up to 16 part time there is always someone on holiday guess who ends up covering yep yours truly.. Now thats better, now I am even becoming to sound like one off my own staff.
This weekend was extremely busy Friday Night 130 covers in the restaurant, Saturday Night 150 covers
Sunday Lunch 120 covers for our Excellent Carvery served in the Hayloft Restaurant. We accommodated 2 biking groups this weekend one from the Round Table and the other was from Yorkshire White Rose Motorcycle Tours. I am  now reciding in the Kitchen along with Chris and Lee battling against the steady stream of Checks that must be cooked and served. All the food that we prepare is in house, it does take a little longer but we think it is worth the wait.  This week should see the return of Emmi to the kitchen (still not sure whether she has returned from 2 weeks in Kenya , not heard if the flight was in flight.) Colin should also be back from his holiday in Egypt (unfortunately the flight never took off and so he passed his time somewhere on the north east coast)

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

United Utilities, Do you know you have a water leak? I do!!!

Great just what we wanted another burst pipe just a few hundred yards up the road and out of sight. Being at the botom of the hill and lower than the road water just collects until its level with the car park, then it goes away. I guess its out with the hose pipe again for a BIG Clean up.. ( well it would have been but this was 2 weeks ago and we are all tidy again now.) Spring has now arrived and it was out with the mowers again today, all grass now cut and happy.

10 Bedrooms received New Zip and link Beds today, major cost to me and by royal appointment no less.. should get a good nights sleep on these...Keeping the family working. Our new restaurant menu comes on line this weekend, what out for further postings. see you soon.
I stayed in a fantastic hotel near Kendal in the lakes - it was called Crooklands Hotel - You should go!
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