Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas is over

Fandabydosy! Yes this year was certainly a tester for the old nerves, as usual the first signs of snow and bad weather the phone starts to ring. Cancel yep within 2 hours of the snowfall we had two bookings cancel for that day 10.30am numbering 86 persons. Unfortunately for us we did not take a deposit. However they have promised to rebook in January 2011. Everyday I was out feeding the chickens so my customers informed me, us course I wasn't really feeding the chickens but throwing out rock salt from my bucket across an acre or so of car park. Keeping it clear of snow and ice with the occasional mechanical helping hand from my ever so helpful nephew Carl, who has a little company called put it right . Due to weather snow, ice, rain, frost and fog and anything else the planet could throw also the state of the economy, believe it or not Christmas was just not as good as last year. However things will certainly improve when we get to the new year with the introduction of VAT increased to 20% and increases in fuel prices. I can't wait. 3 Days of pure bliss over Christmas we closed the Hotel to allow my hard working staff time at Home with their families I hope that they appreciate this like I do. We got away lightly compared to the majority of businesses all the snow has now gone little damaged done only to the ceilings where we have a couple of flat roofs the snow and ice built up and some how managed to leak. I am looking forward to a fantastic New Year we are fully booked, I beleive that daughter Gemma has some really good offers available on line on our website. Remember if you book with us it will be cheaper that using other sites.
Signing off for 2010  Charles.