Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Just when you thought it was SAFE!!!

Well would you believe it, some people thought I'd died but sorry to disappoint no I am still around and to prove it I am blogging again. A lot has happened in the last couple of years, so I am focusing on the positives, I am now retired from the kitchen. I never thought the day would come but I have totally handed over the kitchen to Gareth I have to say he is doing a sterling job. Dearest daughter Gemma (the first born) together with husband Viveck are now in charge of the hotel living in the old house, family changes on the horizon too I will become a grandad sometime around June  OMG where did my life go? Golf is now the only form of exercise I require, mmmm!!  For those of you who like myself like a tipple we now have 23 different malt whisky lining up on the bar shelf just waiting to be tried, ask to see my tasting notes if in any doubt. We have some fantastic offers running at the moment on our website www.crooklands.com so check them out I am sure that you will find something there to tempt you. Just got back from annual leave 2 weeks in sunnier climate, warmth just fantastic especially after the winter we have just had? Well I will now blog off its a bit like bogof  you know buy one get one free. Blog again soon.