Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Up-beat for January 2012

Great News for the Hotel, trade is once again on the up, we are definately more up-beat this month. Normally after the Christmas Rush we see a sharp decline in hotel guests and diners in our Jules Restaurant this year is certainly better. Thank you one and all, it is greatly appreciated. Did you know that we have a New Special Bistro lunch menu being served in our olde worlde Cottage Restaurant, yep you can dine two courses for £10.95 either a starter followed by a main course or a main course followed by one of our famous desserts.This is Great Value for Money even if I say so myself, I had one of the main courses today and it was great, Gareth our head chef has done us proud. Gemma and new husband Viveck are working flat out to create new ideas and offers for the Hotel, which is just what we need as I am a bit of a Dinosaur, (old fashioned, washed up on the shelf) so why do they still need me to run things by. Experience thats what and I have years of it.. Next Year we are going to pull out all the stops to have an extravaganza of Christmas Lights, maybe you will be able to see the hotel from space, the picture I have used on this page is taken from the Kendal to Preston canal which is no longer used it shows our Hotel from the roadside just and old farm and barn converted into a 30 bedroomed en-suite 3 star hotel with bar and restaurant dated from 1750, there is still some of the old Character left inside and out. did you know that this old ale house used to brew and sell their own ale long before it became popular with the gastro pubs, ale was sold from the front room to any weary traveller it more than likely looked like a tankard of scrumpy complete with straw, Oh how times have changed. We have a couple of Traditional Beers on the bar Black Sheep from Masham and another, what you should do is book a night or two away here let me know that you are coming and I will have a pint ready for you with my compliments. See you soon.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Christmas and New Year

New menus and Prices are available for our Christmas and New Year 2012.. Look on our web site for further details.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Staying Positive

Looking Forward at the moment I feel that all we can do is keep your head down and wait to come out the other end. This recession is just starting to bite in our area of low unemployment, holidays have never been as cheap, hotel rates are all lower than a few years ago, things have never been better for the guests and with the increase in VAT to 20% . Why can't the goverment act like they have in France and Ireland they have reduced the VAT to 5% to try to kick start tourism which will help the economy. Never mind a small fish in a big pond springs to mind.  We have just finished refurbishing room 17 with a new bathroom and make over. We are well on our way to a complete make over. New menus for our C J's Bar and Jules Restaurant we hope you will like the changes,

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Have You Tried our New Menu?

We have now tried and tested a new lunch menu, there our plenty of new and interesting foods for you to try in our Cottage Restaurant or Locals Bar. This was a combination of ideas from our talented Head Chef Gareth Taylor and the rest of the team. (I don't know whether I am included any-more) New to the menu Salmon and Dill Fishcakes £6.50, Cumbrian Chicken Liver Pate £6.25, HOT Sandwiches and baguettes.. We did have a problem sourcing our Fresh Fleetwood Haddock which is lightly battered in our Blacksheep ale batter 12 oz of the flakiest freshest  haddock ever tasted served, with of course mushy peas and home-made chips real comfort food just like our 16 oz home-made suet puddings..All our fresh food is now locally sourced, we are using Plumgarths for all our fresh meats, burgers and sausages. Fresh Fish delivered daily from Neve's of Fleetwood, our vegetables and salads from Ribble Farm Longridge, freshly made desserts from Lathams Fulwood. Home-made Delicious ice cream from English Lakes Ice Cream, Tea & Coffee from Farrer's of Kendal. You get the message. Fresh Local Produce.  Look out for the SPECIALS BOARD this contains an assortment of Fantastic Home-made Dishes from Starters -mains-sweets.. You will have to BOOK a TABLE for Saturday Night so please remember that if you are wishing to book a night in the HOTEL book a table in the Jules Restaurant at the same time. Menu displayed on our Website.Summer Bookings are now on the up Gemma has put on some very special Deals for 2- 3 - 5 night stays the longer you stay the cheaper it becomes. Remember although we are South Lakes it is in the ideal location for you to See the Yorkshire Dales as well.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas is over

Fandabydosy! Yes this year was certainly a tester for the old nerves, as usual the first signs of snow and bad weather the phone starts to ring. Cancel yep within 2 hours of the snowfall we had two bookings cancel for that day 10.30am numbering 86 persons. Unfortunately for us we did not take a deposit. However they have promised to rebook in January 2011. Everyday I was out feeding the chickens so my customers informed me, us course I wasn't really feeding the chickens but throwing out rock salt from my bucket across an acre or so of car park. Keeping it clear of snow and ice with the occasional mechanical helping hand from my ever so helpful nephew Carl, who has a little company called put it right . Due to weather snow, ice, rain, frost and fog and anything else the planet could throw also the state of the economy, believe it or not Christmas was just not as good as last year. However things will certainly improve when we get to the new year with the introduction of VAT increased to 20% and increases in fuel prices. I can't wait. 3 Days of pure bliss over Christmas we closed the Hotel to allow my hard working staff time at Home with their families I hope that they appreciate this like I do. We got away lightly compared to the majority of businesses all the snow has now gone little damaged done only to the ceilings where we have a couple of flat roofs the snow and ice built up and some how managed to leak. I am looking forward to a fantastic New Year we are fully booked, I beleive that daughter Gemma has some really good offers available on line on our website. Remember if you book with us it will be cheaper that using other sites.
Signing off for 2010  Charles.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Westmorland Suite Re-vamp

Yes after some years we have now completely stripped the westmorland room back to the floor and walls, never thought that we would have the time but we have.  All the old dusty bric-a-brack has gone, all those ladders hanging over the ceiling have gone, out with all that memorabilia ( JUNK!!!). We have a new look Westmorland Suite opening for business from the 3rd September. Redecorated in sage with a soft green plaid carpet, new pale green chairs. Matching picture lights and heaters in black and silver, new ceramic uplighters to mood light the vaulted ceiling after all remember that this used to be an old barn. Modern pictures, Just the place for that Meeting or conference, private function or dinner party. Come and have look, we are sure that you will enjoy the new relaxing atmosphere that has been created.
Well Colin has now left and again on a parting note Good Luck. Changes that are now afoot at our hotel, we welcome Gareth as new Chef to our kitchens, Gareth was previously Chef at The Gilpin Bridge. we will see some some changes I have no doubt to the menu in time. On a personal note I am semi retiring from the strains of Kitchen Life, (if all goes to plan)  Gemma Daughter No1 is taking the ranes of the Hotel with Emma as no2, (with guidance from June and I) New ideas are surfacing all the time watch out for our new SPECIALS Blackboard. See you soon.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Been absent for quite a while, funny how things tend to work out! Why do we have sudden changes in the weather. Ever since they announced a hose pipe ban in the region it has rained everyday for the last 3 weeks, we are beginning to grow back our webbed feet. The grass is now growing faster than I can cut it, Holiday season is upon us and I am feeling good. A BIG Thank you to all our customers because without you we wouldn't be here, also a thank you to Colin Scott the Hotel Manager who will soon be leaving us for pastures new _ he is taking his own PUB the Greyhound at Halton just outside Lancaster.  GOOD LUCK (in this climate you will need it.) . The new Christmas party menus are now on line for you to have a look at, don't leave it to the last minute book it now. New Years Eve also is in the pipeline, it will be as Cheap to stay over as book a Taxi so just book it.Also this year we will be CLOSED for 3 days over the Xmas period this is my Time with the Girls. We are more and more a throw away society for example when a TV fails to switch on we go out and buy another, when a hoover breaks down we go out buy another, why? Is it because it is now as cheap to replace than repair? This is not good for our green policy but I guess it is the way things are going. I think I will have a look to see if I can repair. On line bookings are a steady stream did you Know that you can now book on line straight from our web site, also look out for our special offers that only appear on our site these can only be booked by phone. So have a look and pick up that phone. See you soon. Charles